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The autumn edition of GOLF.NL is online!


From a beach volleyball duo that is seduced by golf to the phenomenon of the yips that golfing neurologist Erik van Wensen wants to know all about. From a look back at the introduction of the WHS to a long stay golf working holiday in Spain. You will find this and much more in the latest edition of the magazine GOLF.NL!


An Olympic-medal beach volleyball duo has been seduced by… golf. Robert Meeuwsen and Alexander Brouwer fell for our beautiful sport. And Meeuwsen doesn’t want to become the best golfer in the world, “but he does want to be the best golfer hidden in him.” And he is working hard on that. As a companion, Alexander Brouwer prefers to enter the orbit with a flight of four. Read the interview here.

What is your handicap?

The first question when you identify yourself as a golfer? What is your handicap? One admits to being a submarine, the other says he usually plays in the buffer. Freediving Amed for more information.

Be that as it may, the World Handicap System, introduced on March 1, 2021, has brought about changes. The ‘damage’ after a year and a half seems to be not too bad.


Long stay in Spain

The winter months are the perfect opportunity to leave the cold, dark and rainy days in the Netherlands behind you. With its Mediterranean climate, Spain is of course one of the best destinations. During a long stay in Isla Canela you can perfectly combine golf, work and vacation.


Evening golfers in the twilight

The shadows are lengthening, the grass is slowly becoming damp, the heat is out of the air. Birds prepare for the night, other birds awaken. Golf at the end of the day. These golfers love nothing better. Meet Noa-Ruth, Lonneke, Jaap and Gijs.


Tired of the yips?

“The yips is like having the hiccups,” says Erik van Wensen, who was also surprised by the phenomenon. It drives some golfers to despair, but for the golfing neurologist, it’s a hobby that got out of hand. Read the interview.


Unravel your game

Do you like numbers? Do you like diving into statistics? If so? Then it can benefit you in the job! Check out a brief overview of five systems you can use to take a closer look at your own game.


And more…

We also show you that with the new step-by-step plan of the NGF you are guaranteed to become a better golfer and we push the boundaries with courses that have holes in different countries, and even in a different time zone. We follow Wouter Hietink in his walking tour along Irish links and we take you to De Gelpenberg from a bird’s eye view. Finally, the column by Gerard Louter who wants to live on the green of hole 17 of the Noordwijkse. Oh yes, don’t forget to participate in the giveaway, with a chance to win a nice trip to Mauritius!