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Ronaldo workout

This phenomenon is an unprecedented fit

Ronaldo has long been considered one of the best footballers in the world. He and Lionel Messi have been alone for the past ten years. For Messi, unparalleled talent is the most important thing and for Ronaldo, enormous dedication is the most important thing. At 33, he is no longer the youngest, but his test results at Juventus are phenomenal. His fat percentage is 7%, while the fat percentage of the average football player is between 10% and 11%. His muscle mass is 46% above average: Ronaldo’s is 50%. At the last World Championship he drove the fastest sprint of the entire event and his jumping power was unprecedented. It should be clear that this man is perfectly suited.

This workout focuses on the legs, the most important thing for Ronaldo to do well on the pitch. Men at the gym sometimes skip training for this body part. But it’s still important, especially for elite athletes, there’s a reason Ronaldo dances so well. The drills in this exercise are from Ronaldo’s official Nike+ Training Club routine.


Heat up

Circle the hips, one set for 50 seconds.

Lie on your side, in groups of 40 seconds on each side.

T-Stretch on your side, 40 seconds on each side.

The plank activates the abs.

Main training part 1

Do 2 sets of each exercise below, with no more than 30 seconds of rest between exercises.


It is important not to stop immediately after these exercises. Start doing cardio, such as jogging or using an exercise bike. Then complete some stretching exercises. This way you train like a real top athlete!

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  cristiano ronaldo workout

Ronaldo workout

Ronaldo workout