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Only working in Germany and in public transport with the corona pass

A corona pass at the Christmas market in Valkenburg. The pass is now also required in many places in Germany. From tomorrow, the corona pass will be mandatory in Germany to go to work or to travel by public transport. People must have been vaccinated, cured or recently tested negative for the coronavirus.

The rule will be in effect until March 19, 2022. The decision is therefore also important for Dutch people who will travel by public transport in Germany. On Sunday, stricter measures were taken specifically for Dutch people if they want to go to their eastern neighbours. Because our country is again considered a high-risk area, there is a new rule for everyone over the age of 12 who plans to stay in Germany for more than 24 hours. Then you have to fill in a special form. In addition, you must upload proof of cure, vaccination or a negative test via the same website.

Coronapas must reduce German infections

By introducing the so-called 3G policy for the workplace and public transport, Germany now wants to reduce the number of new corona infections in its own country. It is an extension of the current German policy. Tickets are currently already required to attend events and sports competitions or to go to the catering industry, among other things.  for more information. In Germany, just like in the Netherlands, the number of infections has been rising to record highs for weeks. Hospitals are also coming under increasing pressure. Demonstrations against corona measures were held in Hamburg, among others, on Sunday.

Germans can prove that they have been fully vaccinated against the virus with a QR code or a vaccination booklet. A booster shot is not necessary for this. People who have had corona must be able to demonstrate with official proof that they have been cured.

A corona test every day

German employees who have not been vaccinated or who do not want to show that proof must be tested every day. The employer must pay for two tests per day and employees can have a free quick test taken every week. The rest they have to pay themselves, reports the Rheinische Post newspaper.

The employer must check for the corona admission ticket. For people who have been vaccinated or cured, this check is a one-off, people who have themselves tested must be checked daily whether they have an admission ticket.

The measure was introduced to prevent a lockdown. The German government wants to be able to keep schools and shops open in this way. The measure will be evaluated on 9 December.