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6 Best Places to Visit in Sardinia

6 Best Places to Visit in Sardinia

When making a bucket list of places to visit while traveling across the western Mediterranean, Sardinia, an island in Italy, second in size to Sicily is one adventurous and fun place that has to be included on your list.

Sardinia Italy has often been described by travelers and even locals as a “paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean”. The island is surrounded by sunny coasts and white beaches which usually are tourists’ common visiting locations. But, this is an island populated with various exciting places and discoveries that have the potential of elevating your travel experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting as a solo traveler or you’re traveling as either a couple or a family, there are various places and experiences in Sardinia tailored to spike different interests. So, while you’re packing your summer bags and getting ready to kick-start your summer holiday, Sardinia is a fun place to add to the list.

1.      Neptune Caves: Among the list of places to visit in Sardinia is the Neptune Cave. It’s an adventurous location where you get to learn everything about the cave. From the fact that it’s dedicated to the sea God of Neptune to the fact that it has been around for over 2 million years. The tourist itinerary to this location always starts with an exciting ferry ride. Neptune Cave in Alghero is one of the tourist attraction locations in Sardinia, visited every year by over150,000 people.

2.      Bastion of Saint Remy, Cagliari: The Saint Remy medieval hilltop is one of the historical complexes in Sardinia. The monument owes its name to Piedmontese Viceroy, Baron of Saint Remy. This location is one of the renowned places in Sardinia, with various beautiful views of the city. Among the enthralling places within this location are: the Cathedral of Cagliari, the National Archaeological Museum which exhibits artifacts from various ages.

3.      Castelsardo: Castelsardo is a small yet charming medieval village in Sardinia, it’s included as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and it’s surrounded by exciting and beautiful views.

4.      Villasimius: Villasimius is located in the south of Sardinia, known as one of the favorite tourist towns in Sardinia, popular for its resorts and long white sand beaches withcrystal clear waters and beautiful beaches.

5.      Island of Tavolara–Capo Coda Cavallo: The Capo Coda Cavallo island is located in the north-eastern Sardinia. It’s one of the most spectacular areas in Sardinia. The island’s marine area is ideal for adrenaline junkies who are easily excited to engage in adventures like diving and other exhilarating experiences.

6.      Costa Verde-Marina di Arbus: Located in the southwest of Sardinia is Costa Verde surrounded amongst mounts and shrubs in what could be the most isolated part of Sardinia. There’s also the presence of pristine beaches with the highest dunes in Europe and cliffs that go deep into green waters sea friendly for surfers.

Sardinia Italy is anideal holiday location with its potential of offering visitors numerous holiday experiences, from beaches to history down to culture and natural heritage.