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5 Reasons visiting Madeira for Your Next Vacation will be the best decision

Madeira is the hometown of our very popular Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. He had been from the start of time telling us why there are many reasons to visit his beautiful hometown. Madeira is a very mesmerizing island in Portugal but is a very underrated destination for travel.

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Five reasons to visit Madeira

Madeira is subtropical heaven with outlandish flowers. Let us explore the five gorgeous places which you must choose if you are planning your vacation.

Explore one of the most mesmerizing places in Madeira – Monte Palace Tropical Garden

This tropical garden is the topmost attractive sight for travelers. They are based above the Funchal, high in the hills. These gardens have numerous plants and exotic flowers which are thousand in number. You may find beautiful peacocks amongst the plants. Waterfalls, amazing sculptures enhance the beauty of this palace’s tropical garden. 

Porto Moniz Lava – A swimming pool from nature’s side

These are located far away from Funchal but the driving to this site is worth it. Swimming pools are not artificial here, they are nature-made on the coastline, which is rugged. Visitors can swim in these pools having cold water meanwhile enjoying the Atlantic water embracing the rocks. The huge waves are sight-seeing when there are stormy days.

Capital of Madeira – the staggering and flawless Funchal

Funchal is the biggest township of Madeira and there are numerous sites one can visit. The streets of Funchal are mosaiced and have charming churches. You can also enjoy the delicious devour in the upper station of the Funchal. Monte Palace tropical garden is also based in the west of the Funchal. You can explore and enjoy looking at the beautiful hills of Madeira by taking a toboggan.

Madeira’s beautiful village’s visit – Prazeres

Prazeres is popular for the rich herbaceous garden and for its beautiful pots made for steaming or iced tea. Leaving the visitors in amazement. You can have a beautiful view by using binoculars and exploring the ocean. And just in case if you head to the best you will be in Bermuda for your next stop. The village is small and less than a thousand villagers live here

Topmost resort of Madeira to have a stay – Jardim do Mar

Jardim do Mar when translated to English is “The garden of the sea’. This garden of the sea is popular for surfing and that makes it the most adventurous. if you are an adventure lover then get your hands on the board and get down on the waves.

Paul Do Mar – a conventional angling town and an extraordinary spot for surfing

This village gives off cool vibes. No one was allowed to enter its place before the 20th century. Access was allowed after the 20th century only till the sea. This is why it has protected its ancient rich charm and has no major developments done.

In conclusion

Madeira Island awaits your visit to leave you in awe! If you are ready to get car hire make sure to do a car rental comparison of car rental companies to get cheap car rental deals.